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Many of the top-ranked industrialized nations address socio-economic disparities by providing wraparound services in schools to meet students’ health and social service needs. This is true even in nations with child poverty rates far lower than the United States’ 2011 rate of 23 percent.

Common sense, research and experience tell us that resources need to be directed to the schools and students with the greatest needs. Teachers need to be well prepared and supported. All students need a robust curriculum and access to high-quality, universal early childhood education. Parents and community members need to be welcomed as partners in our public schools. Students need to have multiple pathways to graduation that include career and technical education.

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11-Point Program for Reform

After a recent poll found that voters want greater oversight for charter schools, In The Public Interest and the Center for Popular Democracy released The Charter School Accountability Agenda: An 11-Point Program for Reform, which outlines steps for states to ensure public accountability and provide oversight to improve student learning and reduce instances of fraud. […] Read More »

AT&T contribution to boost McDowell students’ job prospects

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West Virginia district buys buildings for teacher village

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