Cashing in on Kids

FBI Cracks Down on Fraudulent Charter Schools

An education movement that began as a way to provide parents with more schooling choices for their children has become a lucrative industry noted for exorbitant executives’ salaries and, in many cases, fraudulent business operations that have drawn the attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Charter school investigations have been launched by FBI agents in Illinois, Connecticut, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, New Mexico and other states with the purpose of uncovering illegal activities by those running such schools.

Some of the investigations are being jointly operated with the U.S. Department of Education, whose inspector general is also reviewing accusations that local charter schools have been less about educating children than making money.

“Education entrepreneurs and private charter school operators could care less about innovation,” Kristen Buras, associate professor of education policies at Georgia State University, told Ruth Conniff of The Progressive. “Instead, they divert public monies to pay their six-figure salaries; hire uncertified, transient, non-unionized teachers on-the-cheap; and do not admit (or fail to appropriately serve) students who are costly, such as those with disabilities.”

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