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Chicago’s charter school greed

Deborah Quazzo, a member of the Chicago Board of Education, voted to support charter networks that “have given more than $1 million in business to companies in which [she] has an ownership stake,” reports the Chicago Sun-Times. Companies that Quazzo has a stake in have a wide reach in Chicago and some have even been hired […] Read More »

Coalition asks sponsor not to “rubber stamp” Concept Schools

A coalition of parents, teachers and students have asked an Ohio charter school sponsor, Buckeye Community Hope Foundation, not to renew the charter schools run by Concept Schools with contracts expiring in 2015. Amy Hanauer, Executive Director of Policy Matters Ohio, said, “We’ve done a lot of research on Ohio charter schools, but I think this […] Read More »

Charter School News

• Public schools are paid for by state and federal taxes; however, corporate tax avoidance is devastating inner-city schools. An analysis of 25 of the nation’s largest corporations shows a total state tax payment of a third of the required tax. Read more here. • Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education promotes expanding charter […] Read More »