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Throughout history, democratically established governments have stood as the best way to promote and protect the public interest. Government agencies at all levels, including those that oversee public schools, are responsible to taxpayers and citizens to ensure that high-quality services are provided and that all policy and spending decisions are based on democratic with accountability, transparency, public participation and fairness.

To carry out this mandate, government agencies must have the commitment and capacity to monitor taxpayer-funded entities like charter schools and contracts for public services. The absence of robust oversight inevitably leads to poor performance, or even waste, fraud and abuse of the public trust.

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Ohio audits show charter school mismanagement

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A Beacon Journal review of state audits of charter schools back to 2000 showed the following: State auditors have discovered $27,326,928 in taxpayer funds misspent at 166 charter schools. That’s nearly a third of all tax dollars spent improperly since 2001. In the past two years, charter schools accounted for more than 70 percent of […] Read More »

UnChartered Territory

The School Project made a series of documentary films about the effect of school closures on Chicago’s families and educators.  “A team of documentary filmmakers began following affected families and educators, policymakers, and advocates as the closures unfolded — and their stories became a jumping-off point for exploring so many urgent questions facing public education today.” […] Read More »

System Failure: Louisiana’s Broken Charter School Law

The Center for Popular Democracy has a new report outlining the problems with Louisiana’s charter schools. The state has invested billions of dollars to charters and school takeovers; however, the rapid growth has not been accompanied by investment in oversight. “The state’s failure to create an effective financial oversight system is obvious, as Louisiana charter […] Read More »