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Report: Ohio charter schools perform worse than public schools

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Charter school operators in Ohio may need to cut their holidays short and get back to work early. A new report released by Stanford University’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) investigates five years of charter school performance in Ohio and finds that the average charter school is performing worse than the average public […] Read More »

The high price of for profit education & Jeb Bush

Bloomberg news has an extensive article on K12 Inc and the myriad problems that their charter schools are facing across the country. The article even features a former marketing director of K12 Inc. who goes on the record with criticism about the company putting profits ahead of education. The former executive, Houston Tucker, makes an allegation made by public education advocates for years: that K12’s brand of digital learning is focused on profits and not serving the 130,000 students that it’s supposed to serve. Read More »

Wall St thinks oversight is bad for K12 Inc.

Politico’s Morning Education has a revealing story about why K12 Inc. stock prices have cratered in recent months, dropping from almost $37 a share last September to $13.82 a share last Friday. Politico has a slew of reasons for K12 Inc.’s problems, but we wanted to add a few more important ones to their list. As we’ve been documenting there’s […] Read More »

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