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Jeb Bush’s cozy relationship with for-profit charter schools

In the New Yorker’s article, Testing Time, Alec MacGillis takes a close look at Jeb Bush’s business history and political relationships that influence his involvement with the charter school movement. During Bush’s eight years as governor, the population exponentially grew and developers began opening charter schools “less as a means to innovate than as a […] Read More »

Christie-Murdoch relationship examined

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Governor Chris Christie’s relationship with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has made headlines in newspapers across New Jersey, but the International Business Times is shining a light on the cozy relationship between Christie and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. Known primarily as a news and entertainment company, News Corp also has a large education subsidiary called […] Read More »

In 2015, will officials stop enabling bad charter schools?

In a year-end wrap-up in Salon, Jeff Bryant pulls together a list of the year's charter scandals that, if evidence mattered to self-proclaimed education reformers, would change the minds of those who continue to fight every effort to rein in charter expansion and to provide even a small measure of oversight.

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