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• Public schools are paid for by state and federal taxes; however, corporate tax avoidance is devastating inner-city schools. An analysis of 25 of the nation’s largest corporations shows a total state tax payment of a third of the required tax. Read more here. • Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education promotes expanding charter […] Read More »

Concept Schools gets dumped

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Tanya Koonce for Peoria Public Radio reports that an Illinois charter school, Quest Academy, voted to “let its contract with the academy’s current management group, Concept Schools, expire as of the end of July.” Nineteen Concept Charter Schools were recently raided by the FBI in three states as part of an “ongoing white-collar crime matter.” Read More »

Imagine Schools ordered to pay $1 million for self dealing

The Columbus Dispatch reports more charter school finance and facility problems. In Missouri, a federal judge ordered Imagine Schools to pay $1 million for “forcing a lucrative lease agreement on a school it operated.” Under the complex deal, Imagine Schools negotiated the pricey lease with SchoolHouse Finance and presented it to the school board of […] Read More »

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