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Imagine Schools to Ohio: “See You in Court!”

When the Ohio Department of Education moved to close two imagine charters for “overall poor performance,” Imagine Schools responded like someone trying to get out of a speeding ticket: it’s suing the state for failing to close schools that perform even worse. As reported in the Akron Beacon Journal: The lawsuit alleges that the state […] Read More »

K12 Inc. School Accused of Inflating Enrollment by Over 400 Students

This week in Ohio, The Columbus Dispatch reports that “Reps. Bill Hayes and Teresa Fedor, the House Education Committee’s top Republican and Democrat, […] forwarded an anonymous whistle-blower’s email” to David Yost, the state Auditor. The whistle-blower alleges that Ohio Virtual Academy, a K12 Inc. school, failed to remove more than 400 chronically truant students […] Read More »

Coalition asks sponsor not to “rubber stamp” Concept Schools

A coalition of parents, teachers and students have asked an Ohio charter school sponsor, Buckeye Community Hope Foundation, not to renew the charter schools run by Concept Schools with contracts expiring in 2015. Amy Hanauer, Executive Director of Policy Matters Ohio, said, “We’ve done a lot of research on Ohio charter schools, but I think this […] Read More »

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