Cashing in on Kids

Success Academy’s “Got to Go” list weeds out certain students

The New York Times reports that at Eva Moskowitz's Success Academy Charter School is weeding out "weak or difficult students, and intentionally not sending annual re-enrollment forms to certain students. After interviewing 10 currents and former employees, the Times discovered that one of the schools' principals has a "Got to Go" list, which singles out the children they would like to see leave.
"Some of their parents said in interviews that while their children attended Success, their lives were upended by repeated suspensions and frequent demands that they pick up their children early or meet with school or network staff members. Four of the parents said that school or network employees told them explicitly that the school, whose oldest students are now in the third grade, was not right for their children and that they should go elsewhere."
These practices of pushing children out of schools lead to the prison pipeline and ultimately leave students, families and communities behind.

Please sign this petition and tell the U.S. Department of Education to stop funding the kindergarten to prison pipeline and conduct a civil rights investigation into Success Academy's suspensions of Black and Latino students and students with disabilities and withhold any payments of federal funds until the completion of that investigation.