Cashing in on Kids

New Orleans charter is cashing in on copper

A New Orleans charter school admitted to selling copper, stripped from the school, for cash.

Leaders at the International High School of New Orleans admitted that they "removed copper components from the heating and air conditioning system... without permission from the state or the Recovery School District" even though the Orleans Parish School Board owns the building.

The state Superintendent, John White, and RSD Superintendent, Patrick Dobard, are asking for the state legislative auditor and the Orleans Parish district attorney for a formal investigation because "misappropriation of public assets may have occurred." Stan Smith, the interim Superintendent for the Orleans Parish School Board, says:
...charter schools using publicly-owned school buildings are required to ask permission before removing or selling off assets, including furniture and building components.
This was not the case at this charter school.  As long as charter school facilities are owned and paid for by the district, then any decisions around selling off its part should remain within the district.