Cashing in on Kids

Charter School News

• Public schools are paid for by state and federal taxes; however, corporate tax avoidance is devastating inner-city schools. An analysis of 25 of the nation’s largest corporations shows a total state tax payment of a third of the required tax. Read more here.

Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education promotes expanding charter schools, vouchers and most notoriously, the virtual education company, K12, Inc. New emails show the role he has played in being a “backdoor vehicle for major corporations to urge state officials to adopt policies that would enrich the companies.Read more here.

• In Michigan, a charter school operated for over ten years before fraud and fiscal mismanagement was exposed. Now, the founder is under federal indictment for seven criminal charges of bank fraud and tax evasion. Read more here.

• In 2014, fraudulent charter schools misused, lost or wasted over $100 million in taxpayer money. Here is a year-end wrap up of charter school scandals. Read more here.

• As York City, Pennsylvania considers giving Charter Schools USA complete control of the school district, the company still has limited knowledge of York students’ ESL and special education needs. Read more here.

• A for-profit college that was sued by the federal Consumer Financial Protections Bureau is moving into the charter school sector. CFPB alleges that the school “sacrificed its students’ futures by saddling them with debt on which it knew they would likely default.” Read more here.