Binders full of women. The 47%. Of the memes Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential run gave us, the name Bain Capital isn’t all that memorable. If you recall, private equity firms like Bain specialize in buying out struggling companies, saddling them with debt, laying off their workers, and selling them off. Romney made his fortune charging management fees to the likes of Domino’s, Dunkin Donuts, and Toys “R” Us along the way. But last week, his old firm once again reared its ugly head in the spotlight. When the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance forced a pro-charter school political organization to reveal its donors, guess which words jumped off the page? Bain Capital.

"[Matt] Damon, a Cambridge native, narrated Sarah Mondale’s film 'Backpack Full of Cash,' a 2016 documentary about the movement to privatize public education. On Wednesday night, Damon joined Mondale, 'Backpack' coproducer Vera Aronow, and his mother, Nancy Carlsson-Paige, an activist for early childhood education, for a screening and discussion of the film."