When Sacramento’s Paramount Collegiate Academy abruptly closed in February and sent families scurrying for new schools, it wasn’t the first time the charter school had disrupted the local public education system. In fact, the publicly funded but privately operated school began by creating a commotion. In May of 2015, its charter was approved by the California State Board of Education, despite being denied the year before by both the San Juan Unified School District and the Sacramento County Board of Education.

The finances of one of the first charter schools in Washington, DC, have grown so dire that its survival is threatened and its ability to pay teachers in doubt. An oversight board is deciding whether to revoke the charter of Washington Mathematics Science Technology Public Charter High School. In January, the board voted to shut down another charter school, a 700-student all-girls school, because of poor academic performance. The local public school district then took it over.

Jurors in a fraud case that started in Florida's Escambia County are hearing more about the alleged scamming of 14 Florida charter schools. Prosecutors say Steven Kunkemoeller, the owner of School Warehouse Inc., partnered with Marcus May, the founder of charter chain Newpoint Education, and used hundreds of thousands of state and county dollars for their own personal use.