A former charter school principal who pleaded guilty to embezzlement is to pay the full amount back and serve over a year in prison. “According to court records, he opened credit cards in the school’s name at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sam’s Club and Staples, in addition to using the charter school’s state-issued procurement card and siphoning money from a state education voucher program. He purchased camping equipment and personal travel, among other things. His public defender said in a memorandum that Rodriguez was ‘in over his head’ as principal.”

A venture capitalist visited more than 200 charter schools in 50 states rejected school privatization myths in an interview with the Washington Post’s Valerie Strauss: "Business principles aren’t the key to improving U.S. education. If choice and competition improve schools, I found no sign of it. Pitting schools against each other in a test-score ‘Hunger Games’ drags everyone down. I saw no sign of union status affecting a teacher’s dedication or effectiveness. There is, though, one business principle that applies to education. If you want insight, spend time with those in the trenches. Our teachers know how to engage our children, to inspire them to race ahead, to prepare them for adult life. With the futures of millions of children at stake, we need to listen to our innovative teachers and trust them to be the powerful forces for informed, aspirational change in our schools.”